Any book, including hard-to-find titles, from around the globe!
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Research and Procurement

We screen every order. Any issues with availability of a new edition, soon to be released items, alternative formats/editions, and your deadline, are quickly identified and clearly communicated.

We provide options so you have the information necessary to make an informed choice.

We will purchase:

Any Book in Print, including books without ISBNS, and hard to track-down titles from publishers such as associations and institutions, using membership numbers when available.

Out of Print Titles
Forthcoming titles can be pre-ordered
Standing orders for series and serials can be established.

We offer discounted prices competitive with online resellers such as Amazon and additionally provide an array of services at no charge.

We provide quotes on orders with a single copy of many different titles and/or multiple copies of a single book.

Price Case Study

A comparison of 148 orders for one of our customers serviced over a six month period shows that we beat Amazon on price. This customer's orders were representative of the kind of books frequently ordered by the businesses we serve.

Amazon's total for these orders : $14,453.44 / TechBookSolutions for these orders : $14,150.06
TechBookSolutions prices were $303.38 less than Amazon.

Equally important, 27 items were not included in the price comparison because they were not serviced by Amazon. 24 of these 27 titles were being sold through Amazon Marketplace resellers at a price substantially higher than list price, meanwhile these titles were not Out of Print and the publisher had stock available.

Value Added Services

We work with each customer to handle their orders according to their specifications, and to provide services they request. While many customer needs fit into the systems we have in place, we also develop and provide custom services when requested.

We provide professional communication from our knowledgeable staff to one central contact or directly to your end users. We offer Account Dedicated Customer Service - you deal with one Account Representative, who is familiar with your company and will make sure you are well taken care of.

Most frequently requested services:

Our book ordering system captures employee ID numbers, cost centers, and location information. We are able to provide an ordering system custom tailored to your needs.
We drop ship directly to your end users.
Commercial invoices prepared for inclusion with international shipments.
Custom Interfaces for book purchasing and fufillment.
M-F 8AM-5PM EST | Tel: 978.610.2787 | Email: