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Any book, including hard-to-find titles, from around the globe.

We work with each customer to handle their orders according to their specifications and to provide whatever services they request.

Frequently, customer needs are simple enough, but cannot be accomplished when ordering through commercial web sites where you are unable to quickly speak to someone over the phone. For example, you may need your credit card charges broken out in a particular way or need a portion of the boxes in your order marked, so they will be flagged easily when they arrive.

Or, you may need a custom solution to address complex needs. While many customer needs fit into the systems we already have in place, we also develop and provide custom services.

We provide professional communication from our experienced, knowledgeable staff to one central contact or direct to your end users. We offer Account Dedicated Customer Service - you deal with one Account Representative, who is familiar with your company and will make sure you are well taken care of. References are available upon request.

We find the books you need!

Provide options and solve problems.

Low prices, we beat Amazon on annual costs!

Flexibility. We are able to ship direct to your end user. We will coordinate with a central contact, directly with your end users, or with multiple contacts.

We make sure your complete order is delivered on time.

Privacy Policy

We are committed to your right to privacy.

When you ask for a quote or purchase from us, we ask for your contact information. The information you provide is used to contact you if there are any questions or issues when we are processing your request or order. You will receive email only directly related to your orders, e.g. confirmation of receipt of order, tracking information, etc. All information collected is stored on a secure database and is never sold or given to anyone.

We have an opt in policy for our mailing list and if you choose to opt in, you can unsubscribe to it at any time.

You can choose to order by phone or fax.

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